Automotive and Action Specialists

We are automotive media professionals. From the first production meeting to the final sign off, we're here.

From it’s inception, Two Speed Films has been about telling stories. We make imaginative, great B roll, enjoy creating slick and exciting studio shoots and we’ve often worked as part of a larger, inter-agency team to bring multimedia packages to life…

Location Logistics

From international vehicle logistics, entry visas and permits, catering for all crew sizes and keeping a vehicle clean in a field of ash isn’t easy…


From precision drivers to living legends, we consider working with people a massive bonus to what we do. Trust is fundamental to our process, from placing crew inches from a stunt or working with people whose reputation we curate on camera, they’re all important to us…

Vehicle specialists

Our many years experience of filming mean we know all about heights and angles, reflections and how to make any vehicle look sensational…

Two Speed Films

And what is an automotive specialist?
A little about us.

Two Speed Films, formed in 2013, is the brain child of Alistair Clark and Bryn Musselwhite who had the vision of creating an all-encompassing automotive production agency. With over 30 years of combined experience and having worked on productions of all scales it became clear that whilst there are many skilled people in the industry creating automotive content, few are actually run by people who understand the inherant difficulty, rules and small details that automotive filming brings. We bring an un-rivalled eye for detail and automotive knowledge of cars, race tracks and locations and filming techniques. We also are happy and proud to work on many inter-agency projects consulting, directing or even handling the entire production. We can also handle photography requirements from studio to location.

  • Direction

    Bringing ideas to life

  • Production

    Specialist vehicle handling

  • Location Management

    From permitting to set-builds

  • Post Production

    Retouching, Graphics, CGI

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We've done some cool stuff in cool places.

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